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February 23, 2021
2 yearsago

While some businesses have floundered during the pandemic, professional cleaning companies are thriving and experiencing surges in business. Your services are needed more than ever as companies, offices, medical facilities, schools, and other entities begin reopening. To keep up with the cleaning demands that have developed since COVID-19 began, inventory your supplies and check your equipment to make sure you’re prepared to handle the change.

Stock Up on Professional Cleaning Supplies

Surveys have shown that employee confidence in their employers may hinge on stringent disinfectant protocols and the actions that are being taken to implement them. That means professional cleaners may be asked to present a list of the professional cleaning supplies being used when scrubbing floors, vacuuming carpets, wiping down desks, cleaning restrooms, and more, no matter who your customer is.

Do You Have Enough PPE?

Cleaning companies always need personal protective equipment (PPE) for their employees, and these supplies are in greater demand now more than ever. Masks, gloves, and smocks should all be in your employees’ arsenal so they can protect themselves at every job, no matter the task at hand. With every order you place for cleaning supplies, make sure a PPE order accompanies it, so your stock never dwindles.

Schedule Maintenance for Your Equipment

If your cleaning teams have been working non-stop during the pandemic, their equipment has been doing double-time too. While it can be unpleasant to take time off to schedule a routine maintenance of your truckmounts, automatic scrubbers, and more, this move is essential.

Should your equipment break down in the middle of a job, it’ll be more than just an afternoon of work you’ll be losing. It’ll be a customer’s confidence in you and willingness to depend on you. Always make sure your equipment is in top shape. Schedule a maintenance check-up right away.

Best Practices in COVID Professional Cleaning

Frequent cleaning and disinfecting has only increased since the pandemic began, and the expectations of employees, customers, visitors, students, patients, and more have risen. Aesthetic cleaning that may have been enough before the coronavirus is now not enough at all – the chemicals used and the efforts employed must be preventive and destroy or deactivate germs.

Maintaining a safe and clean workplace has always been important, but now in the context of the pandemic, new protocols are necessary to show that the health of employees, patrons, students, or patients is paramount. Extra cleaning efforts not only provide safety, they deliver peace of mind.

Let your clients know that your commercial cleaning efforts come courtesy of well-trained and certified employees who know what to prioritize, understand that all surfaces – from doorknobs to floors to light switches to keyboards – must be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized.

Rely on Michigan Maintenance Supply for Your Professional Cleaning Products

Michigan Maintenance Supply offers MMS-brand products and equipment that deliver outstanding performance at competitive prices, so you can always deliver the same to your clients. Contact us at to discuss all our cleaning chemicals, scrubbers, accessories, and equipment so you can have the inventory you need whenever you need it.

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