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January 25, 2021
2 yearsago

You need a host of professional cleaning chemicals in stock to keep your cleaning business competitive and prepared for any possibility, but you don’t want just any products – you want the supplies that deliver outstanding performance at competitive prices. You want, in other words, the most bang for your buck.

Professional Cleaning Chemicals Just Right for Carpets

If carpet cleaning is your area of expertise, you have plenty of products from which to choose. There are a few options, however, that truly deliver every time so your work is thorough and complete, so you get repeat business, and so you can guarantee results.

  • State Steam II is a highly concentrated liquid carpet emulsifier. Excellent for truckmounts or portables, this product keeps minerals in suspension without building up in your equipment. Its cleaning performance is unmatched by leading brands. When diluted per instructions, the cost is only 6.6 cents per gallon.
  • State Dry Foam II is a concentrated high-foam carpet shampoo. Ideal for pre-scrubbing with a rotary floor machine, CRB, or dry foam extractor, this is a soil-repelling formula. One gallon can clean up to 6,400 square feet of carpet or upholstery.

Tackle Heavy Duty Floor Cleaning

When you’re tasked with the difficult job of cleaning floors that seem truly beyond ever looking clean again, professional cleaning chemicals formulated as heavy-duty floor cleaners make the task doable.

  • Sure-Pass heavy-duty traffic spotter and traffic lane cleaner is the product that will truly clean what seems uncleanable. A concentrated blend of water-soluble solvents, powerful detergents, and soil-splitting surfectants make this the reliable last resort in your bag of tricks.
  • Penetrate Degreaser is one of the most powerful detergent cleaners ever formulated. The right choice for shop floors, vent hoods, and general grease and grime, the cost is as low as 11 cents a gallon in-use dilution.

Manage All-Purpose Cleaning Tasks

Whether you are managing floors or laundry, your cleaning tasks can vary, so your capabilities and supply closet must be reinforced with versatile solutions that deliver every time, no matter the job.

  • Wolverine Floor Mate is a neutral pH, lemon-scented, floor cleaning solution suitable for routine maintenance. Optically enhanced, this produce is top notch for removing salt film from floors, a must-have during Michigan winters especially. The cost to you? Only 12.4 cents per gallon in-use dilution – the leading brand-name products cost twice as much.
  • Sunbright Laundry detergent is a highly concentrated, commercial grade, liquid detergent that comes in five-gallon pails. A meager 4 ounces of solution can tackle 100 pounds of laundry.

Cost-Effective Professional Cleaning Chemicals in Michigan

Michigan Maintenance Supply offers the above MMS-brand products that deliver outstanding performance at competitive prices, so you can always deliver the same to your clients. Contact us at to discuss all our cleaning chemicals, scrubbers, and accessories so you can have the inventory you need whenever you need it. We offer special pricing to work with your budget and demand so you’re always ready to get the job done.

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