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November 18, 2020
2 yearsago

Automatic scrubbers come in all shapes and sizes. It follows then that the floor pads that accompany scrubbers are just as versatile. Whether you’re operating a micro scrubber, walk-behind scrubber, or ride-on scrubber, get to know these fast facts about floor pads so you can select the right supplies for your equipment and address hard-surface floors thoroughly.

1. They must be replaced regularly.

Whether you’re cleaning, polishing, buffing, or all the above, floor pads need to be replaced regularly to ensure that your automatic scrubber does the job it is meant to do and does it thoroughly.

2. They’re available in the size you need.

Depending on the color and type of floor pad you need, they are available in multiple sizes to perfectly fit your equipment. The 17” and 20” sizes are the most popular, but they often come in sizes from 10” to 27”.

3. Black pads are for wet stripping.

Durable and reliable, black pads are considered an aggressive type of floor pad made with high-quality abrasive and tough fibers that deliver consistent results. Finish and solutions flow easily through the open, porous black pads for all wet stripping applications, whether you’re doing a regular or heavy-duty floor stripping job. A thorough, continuous contact with the floor surface makes difficult jobs manageable.

4. Green pads are for heavy scrubbing or light stripping.

When you’re in the market for a versatile floor pad for your automatic scrubber, medium-abrasive, heavy-duty green pads get the job done. Designed for wet scrubbing, heavy duty scrubbing, and deep cleaning without stripping the finish off the floor, they also work well for light stripping jobs. Green pads are even powerful enough to remove embedded soil and black marks in heavy traffic areas.

5. White pads are for light scrubbing and polishing.

Non-abrasive but heavy duty, white floor pads work for everything from water misting to dry scrubbing, light scrubbing to polishing. If you want high gloss, shiny floors that gleam after a thorough buffing and polishing, white pads make dirt pickup easy and deliver a faster cleaning and high shine with only minimal finish removal.

6. Use polishing pads for wet or dry cleaning.

Multi-use polishing pads are made from natural fibers but deliver aggressive burnishing to quickly remove scratches and marks. When the floor pad is wet, the cleaning gets done. When the pad is dry, the hard surface gets buffed, leaving behind a glistening shine.

7. Both sides are usable.

Most floor pads can be flipped over to the other side to get double the use out of one pad.

8. You can purchase in bulk.

Most floor pads are available by the case, so you always have supplies at the ready when needed and can dedicate a new pad for every client to prevent cross-contamination and deliver the finest cleaning.

9. All types of floor pads available from Michigan Maintenance Supply.

Contact Michigan Maintenance Supply to discuss the floor pads that are right for your automatic floor scrubber. Whatever the size or model of your scrubber, whatever job needs to get done, we have the right products for you. Our experts will guide you to select the right materials for your cleaning needs.

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