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March 30, 2015
8 yearsago

I recently talked with a carpet cleaner who had his truck mount carpet cleaning machine burst into flames while inside cleaning.

What’s even more frightening, it caught the house on fire. The fire was put out before it burned the house down and no one was injured. The truck was a total loss. As the insurance adjusters tried to work out who was responsible for the fire, the repair history came into question. Was the repair shop certified? Qualified? Trained and insured? This left the carpet cleaning contractor with some exposure to say the least, and even called into question if he was negligent.

You might want to know if the shop that services your equipment is certified, trained and insured. Is the shop authorized by the manufacturer to service your equipment? Checking this out might prevent this from ever happening in the first place, and can limit your exposure in the event you find yourself in this situation.

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