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December 8, 2017
5 yearsago

When the temperature drops to below freezing, truckmounts are in danger. But people still need carpets cleaned in cold weather, and it’s your job to oblige. There are several ways to keep your truckmounts from freezing on or off the job, but not every method is right for every business owner. One factor that is common to all users of truckmounts: Cold weather shows no mercy, so be prepared for the inevitable.

Why Freezing Temps Can Destroy Your Truckmount

The pump, heat exchange system, solution lines –truckmounted carpet cleaning equipment relies on water in many ways to function properly and do their job. If water in the truckmount freezes and expands, no matter what part of the machine it’s in, it could destroy your machine. Not to mention, if freezing occurs in the middle of a carpet cleaning job, you’re in trouble. (more…)

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