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January 6, 2022
1 yearago

When you are in the professional cleaning business and you’re dealing with serious square footage, you deserve to take a load off every now and then. It’s nice to know you can take a break and get cleaning done at the same time when you invest in an automatic ride-on scrubber. Find out which model is best to keep things clean for the clients you serve.

Rider 28” Floor Scrubber Viper AS710R

The 28” floor scrubber Viper is the ride-on machine that makes every job that much easier. With AGM, this scrubber is equipped with a 28” disk style scrub deck which utilizes x2 pad drivers or brushes. Other features:

  • 31-gallon solution and recovery tanks
  • Intuitive controls
  • Single-touch, one-scrub option
  • Vacuum moter
  • Rear squeegee
  • 24-volt battery powered

Plus, user-friendly components like a USB outlet for phone charging, a comfortable operating seat, and on-board battery charger make this a convenient machine for any operator.

If you are charged with scrubbing medium-to large-size space, the Rider Viper gets the job done on a single tank of clean water. If you’re in search of a manual machine built with a heavy-duty design for rugged use, this is the economical and effective equipment for you, free of fancy electronic and expensive bells and whistles.

Viper AS530R 20” Micro Rider Floor Scrubber

Looking for something smaller or more petite so you can squeeze into those harder-to-reach areas and clean thoroughly without getting off your machine? The 20” Micro Rider Floor Scrubber from Viper is just the right size at an affordable price.

This mini ride-on scrubber provides cleaning efficiency, productivity, versatility, high performance, and a robust design with:

  • 20-inch working width, 30-inch squeegee width
  • 51 lb brush pressure and 160 rpm brush speed
  • Front bumper with a strong main frame
  • Heavy-duty aluminum squeegee
  • 3.4 mph speed
  • 19 gallon solution capacity
  • Automatic braking system

With a run time of three hours, the Micro Rider can clean floors of all kinds, from tile to vinyl, sealed wood to concrete, marble and more, covering 32,560 square feet at max speed and 22,000 square feet at normal cleaning speed. It’s great for hotels, bus and train stations, exhibition centers, supermarkets, shopping malls, and schools, thanks to the unit’s easy maneuverability. The user-friendly dashboard with intuitive display and buttons makes all the major functions easy to recognize and engage.

Get the Right Automatic Ride-On Scrubber for Your Cleaning Business

At Michigan Maintenance Supply, we like to say, “Get scrubbin’ without the walkin.’ Make it happen for your team this year by investing in a ride-on automatic scrubber. If you’re not sure either of these models is right for your cleaning needs, no problem. We’ll help you find a model that does do the jobs you need to get done within your budget. Contact us for pricing on our special machines and stock up on all the cleaning supplies you need for the year ahead.

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