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April 3, 2015
8 yearsago

Just a tip to keep your truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment running without unnecessary repairs…

We have had more than a few units in our shop that have had heavy scaling and deposits in the heating system. This causes lower Temperature cleaning solution and clogged Jets. This eventually can clog your heat exchangers. While a few of the cases were caused by hard water deposits. Mostly outside of the Detroit water system. The majority of cases were caused by incompatible chemicals. Some products can precipitate and leave scale in your system. While others help the minerals in the water to fall out of suspension. This can stick or plate to brass, stainless steel and hoses inside of your system. If you do the math it’s just not worth it, to try to save a few pennies on your product. The repair bills alone will more than offset any savings you might have derived . The missed jobs and downtime is what really costs. National studies have it as 2 1/2% of the cost of the job goes to your chemistry. If you could save 20% on your chemical cost it would only be $.50 on the hundred dollar job. Think about it, you’re $45,000 cleaning plant is at stake. Give us a call or stop in for more information.

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