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August 27, 2020
3 yearsago

If your carpet cleaning business has not already experienced a surge in customers, you will soon. People are getting more comfortable with opening their homes to professionals who can make their living space cleaner and safer during the coronavirus. Make sure you’re ready to take on every job that comes your way during COVID-19 and after by upgrading or servicing your truckmount and stocking up on carpet cleaning supplies.

Why Customers Want Carpet Cleaning During Coronavirus

The coronavirus has come down heavily upon the world, and no matter your feelings on this pandemic, it’s affecting everyone’s life. There are many reasons customers are opting for carpet cleanings right now.

  • Prevention: People who have always felt safe in their homes now feel unsure about the cleanliness of it. Knowing that whatever is lingering in the carpet is being sucked up and away can be a relief.
  • Preparation: Winter is coming, and with it winter illnesses. Carpets house germs, dust, allergens, and more. Eliminating these factors with a thorough carpet cleaning also helps clean the air in the home and make it healthier.
  • Disinfection: Maybe someone has had sickness in their home, COVID or otherwise, and they want to ensure that all traces of it are gone. Maybe they’re worried about what they’re bringing into the house after a trip into society or to work. Carpet cleaning disinfects what you can’t see.

Avoid Downtime for Your Carpet Cleaning Business

When your carpet cleaning services are in high demand, the last thing you need is for your equipment to fail because of overuse or lack of upkeep. Avoid downtime and avoid losing lucrative jobs with the following measures:

  • Maintain: Make regular preventive maintenance on your truckmount a priority to ensure that the equipment is always in good working order and won’t go out on you in the middle of a job.
  • Repair: Minor repairs might seem like they can wait, but they can turn into big problems that prevent you from doing your job. If a piece of equipment is failing or not working properly, get it checked out right away.
  • Invest: When your business increases, your capabilities need to keep up with the demand. It may be time to invest in a new truck and truckmount for your carpet cleaning business.

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Truckmount?

Be ready for your customers today and every day. If you’re experiencing any of the following issues with your truckmount, it may require an upgrade in carpet cleaning equipment or maintenance.

  • Excessive vibration: Too much vibration shortens the life of a truckmount and also increases the likelihood of parts being damaged or knocked out of place. Make sure your truckmount framing is sturdy to reduce vibration.
  • Poor temperature control: If your truckmount is too hot or not hot enough, that’s a sign that something isn’t working properly. Regular maintenance will identify stuck or leaking valves.
  • Weak vacuum power: Quality vacuum power is what your job depends upon. A poorly performing truckmount may indicate that there is a hole in the vacuum hose or a problem with the tank lid gasket.
  • Reduced pressure: Erratic pump pressure could be a sign of damaged or dirty valves, broken or sticking regulator, or a loose pump drive. Troubleshooting on your own may seem like a way to save money and avoid downtime, but maintenance and repair ensures that your machine is always working properly.

Get Your Coronavirus Cleaning Products from Michigan Maintenance Supply

Whether you need a new truckmount, maintenance, or carpet cleaning supplies, Michigan Maintenance Supply is at the ready with all this equipment as well as personal protective equipment.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and place an order.

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