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September 9, 2020
1 yearago

Automatic floor scrubbers come in various sizes to accommodate the area being cleaned and the storage space available for the equipment. If you want a ride-on automatic floor scrubber and think it’s appropriate for the space you’re cleaning, consider all the options first to ensure that you have the right machine for the work ahead.

Should You Get a Mini Ride-On Scrubber?

Ride-on floor scrubbers usually have greater tank capacity and longer battery life than stand-up models. This makes even the petite scrubber versions a great choice for cleaning large, open spaces.

Micro riders or mini ride-on scrubbers are designed to access smaller spaces and maneuver easily. Their affordable price point and cleaning efficiency can take on floors of more than 50 square feet, making them ideal for hotels, supermarkets, bus and train stations, exhibit centers, schools, and shopping malls.

The mini ride-on floor scrubbers are easy to maneuver . and have an intuitive display offering up all the major functions. Operators experience the same level of comfort as the rider of a larger machine and will appreciate units that come with an automatic braking system.

Density of the Area

You may have a giant floor area to clean, but if the space is populated by cubicles, a ride-on scrubber can be more of a hassle then a help. Ideally, you want to choose a machine that will get the biggest job done in the shortest amount of time. For many cleaners or building operators, this is a ride-on scrubber. For others, it’s a walk-behind scrubber.

If the path being tread is 32 inches wide or larger, a ride-on scrubber will get the job done. A typical-size rider floor scrubber can scrub medium- to large-size spaces on a single tank of clean water. They are often built with a heavy-duty design suitable for rugged use and, though they may not be equipped with some of the upgraded electronic components, are comfortable, user-friendly, and efficient.

Type of Surface

The kind of debris your machine will be picking up, the amount of traffic the area in question gets, and the nature of the flooring must all be considered when choosing the right ride-on scrubber.

The floor made need daily light scrubs or weekly deep cleans. For instance, hard cleanings of parking areas or storage facilities will require the removal of grease or tire marks and concrete floors will need stiffer brushes rather than metallic brushes.

If you’re cleaning an uneven surface, cylindrical brushes may be the best choice. Models like this eliminate the need for sweeping prior to scrubbing, a perk that can save time, effort, and expense.

What Kind of Floor Scrubber Do You Need?

Ideally, you want a machine that is as easy to use as possible, does not require much training if any at all, and can get the job done quickly and thoroughly and avoid unproductive labor.

Find out what type of automatic scrubber is right for your facility or cleaning equipment fleet. Michigan Maintenance Supply is your go-to source for all cleaning supplies and machines. Contact us today to discuss our product offerings.

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