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October 13, 2020
2 yearsago

Flu season has arrived. COVID is not going anywhere. Germs will make their way into buildings, offices, hospitals, schools, and stores right alongside their counterparts – dirt, snow, slush, rain, leaves, and all manner of cold weather side effects. Your cleaning crews need the most powerful and reliable cleaning supplies and equipment to get through fall and winter so your clients’ desks, floors, door handles, carpets, tables, restrooms, and more are as clean and sanitary as possible.

Inventory Your Cleaning Equipment

Early fall is a good time of year to review the capabilities and effectiveness of any cleaning machines and consider an upgrade or schedule a service to ensure that your equipment is always ready and working. Consider whether it’s time for a new:

  • Truckmount: Carpets and floors need to get clean and they need to get that way quickly. Don’t allow your truckmount carpet cleaner to conk out in the middle of a job. Get your machine tuned up and consider upgrading or adding another model to your fleet.
  • Automatic scrubber: Whether you use a ride-on or walk-behind automatic floor scrubber, this kind of equipment is often necessary for daily use.
  • Vacuum cleaner: Backpack vacuums, canister vacuums, upright vacuums – the vacuum cleaner models are many, but there are certain ones that are right for the kind of work you do. Make sure you are using the most efficient, cost-effective options.

It is also wise to review the brushers, scrubbers, sprayers, hoses, and other accessories that your cleaning equipment requres to see if anything needs to be replaced, serviced, or watched to ensure that equipment lasts through the whole fall and winter season.

Review Your Cleaning Supplies

Once you have your equipment needs squared away, review the cleaning supplies you are using. What do you rely on? What do your clients want? What are the most effective bulk purchases you can make that will last you for a long time and deliver the biggest bang for your buck while safeguarding your clients?

Some of the most powerful cleaning disinfectants and sanitizers for this time of year that help keep sickness at bay and are promoted as killers of human coronavirus include:

Other tough cleansers that are known for attacking germs and grime and usable on multiple surfaces include NABCDMQX EffectCDC-10Foamy Q and A, and Sani-T-10 Plus.

Stock Up on Personal Protective Equipment

Finally, ask yourself if your cleaning crews are adequately protected as they go about their important jobs of tidying, disinfecting, and scouring. Thorough, consistent cleaning requires cleaning supplies but also manpower and womanpower. Make sure your team has all the necessary personal protective equipment to keep them safe when they’re on the job, including face masks, gloves, and shoe covers.

Buy Cleaning Supplies in Bulk

You never want to be caught without an important cleaning supply when you’re on the way to a job or stocking up for a new week. Place a bigger order than you think you will need to ensure that every cleaning team and cleaning cart is well-stocked and ready for every possibility.

This is one time when there is no room to skimp. Daily cleaning is critical and necessary, and you need the supplies to help you get it all done. Contact Michigan Maintenance Supply to refill your supplies, review your equipment, and more.

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