• Sani-T-10 No. 12 Cog

Case of four 2-liter bottles. SANI-T-10 was designed as a DISINFECTANT, SANITIZER, ALGAECIDE, and DEODORIZER. It can be used for anything from disinfecting hospital rooms and rinsing bar glasses, to keeping algae growth from occurring in pools. SANI-T-10 does not contain cleaning agents, perfumes, or any other additives that can be a problem in food-contact areas. SANI-T-10’s properties make it an especially good product wherever a germicidal rinse is required. It can be used in hospitals, bars, schools, motels, morgues, and grocery stores where bacterial contamination is a problem.

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Sani-T-10 No. 12 Cog

  • Brand: Spartan
  • Product Code: J10673
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