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September 21, 2020
1 yearago

It’s a good idea to choose one or two times of the year to review the current cleaning disinfectant supplies and cleaning machines you use on all your cleaning jobs. As the season officially changes from summer to fall, now is an ideal time to prepare for the colder, dirtier months ahead.

Cleaning During COVID-19 and Flu Season

This year, there is not only the threat of flu all around us, there is the threat of COVID-19. Combatting both afflictions takes a dedication to a bevy of precautions, including careful, thorough, consistent cleaning. If you want to be a competitive and reliable cleaning service, let your clients and prospective clients know what you do every day to fight the threats to everyone’s health and safety.

Some of the most powerful cleaning disinfectants and sanitizers to restock for fall to help keep sickness at bay include PSQ 2, HDQ Neutral, Halt, and TB Cide, which are all promoted as killers of human coronavirus. Other tough cleansers include NABC, DMQ, X Effect, CDC-10, Foamy Q and A, and Sani-T-10 Plus, ideal for attacking the germs and grime that can collect on multiple surfaces.

Protecting Your Team While They Clean

It is important to ensure that you and your cleaning teams are always properly covered when on the job. Stock up on personal protective equipment like face masks, gloves, and shoe covers so employees are fully safeguarded as they do their work.

Your job as a cleaner is critical for the clients you serve, protecting them through your daily efforts to clean and disinfect everything from door handles to elevator buttons, light switches to public bathrooms, tile floors to carpets, exam rooms to school rooms, offices to personal homes. It’s necessary that your employees take care of themselves while taking care of others and personal protective equipment protects against the spread, transmission, and receipt of germs.

Buy Cleaning Disinfectant Supplies in Bulk

One of the best practices for professional cleaners is to buy cleaning supplies in bulk. You never want to be caught without an important cleaner or paper product or piece of protective equipment. Once you have reviewed all the products your teams regularly use to measure their effectiveness and appropriateness for the jobs, place a bigger order than you think you will need to ensure that every cleaning cart or cleaning team is always well-stocked.

Now, more than ever, you need a reliable collection of cleaning disinfectant supplies at the ready. People who come and go in buildings will be bringing in leaves and dirt and winter precipitation instead of sunshine and warmth. No matter the season of the year, daily cleaning is critical, especially during the coronavirus because germs are always around us – some far more dangerous than others.

Get Your Coronavirus Cleaning Products from Michigan Maintenance Supply

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