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July 2, 2021
3 monthsago

Many office workers are still home and will only be going back into the office come the end of summer or early fall 2021. This means companies will be strategizing about the best ways to keep their environments clean and germ-free and keep their employees safe. Here are some ways to prepare for the increase in work that you can expect over the coming months.

Outline Your Cleaning Process

You will have businesses that want to know exactly what products you’re using and where. Create a list of the cleaning supplies you’re using and itemize which office items will be targeted by them, from desks to computers, chairs to garbage cans, conference tables to door handles, dining tables to bathrooms.

If you can provide a potential client with a detailed list of your cleaning schedule, all the items you’re cleaning, and the cleaning supplies you are using, they will feel comfortable in your capabilities and confident that you can deliver the cleaning efforts they need. They will trust that you are committed to their safety and will be happy to have a clear outline of care.

Advertise Back-to-Work Cleaning Services

Some of your usual clients have been using you throughout the pandemic. Others have pushed paused on cleaning without anyone in the building. Now they will come back to you and new clients will too, wanting the works. Advertise your back-to-work cleaning services that are a far more thorough option for companies that want to really go deep and disinfect all surfaces, so everything is ready for their people to return in person and so their employees feel good about venturing out of their bubble and back to the office.

Businesses that have been left unattended for months will need a thorough cleaning anyway, from the high-traffic areas to the quiet corner offices. Everything will need maintenance, so show your clients that you’re aware of their needs and advertise your advanced cleaning services, from carpet cleaning to floor cleaning with an automatic scrubber. Then let them know what will be done from here on out for daily cleanses.

Highlight High-Touch Cleaning Services

It’s more important than ever to maintain the cleanliness of high-touch areas, especially those that harbor germs and are easily overlooked. These include doorknobs, writing instruments, light switches, handles, stair rails, elevator buttons, desks, toilets, faucets, sinks, phones, shared equipment, computer mouse and keyboards, and more.

If you are so inclined, you can also offer customers cleaning stations, depositing approved cleaning materials in multiple areas throughout the office and near high-traffic areas so employees can clean off their own high-touch items in between your cleaning services.

Cleaning Offices That Are Reopening

A continuous cleaning schedule is necessary for any office to maintain a safe workplace environment, maintain a visually clean space, and keep employees and visitors healthy. Let your customers know that you can disinfect regularly and clean daily to help them maintain a safe environment.

Get the cleaning supplies and equipment you need to boost your inventory and be ready for whatever challenges your clients – old and new – bring your way as businesses reopen and demands grown. Contact Michigan Maintenance Supply to discuss your needs.

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