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June 21, 2021
3 yearsago

“Green cleaning” has different definitions for different people. It can include biodegradable products, environmentally friendly ingredients, less waste, or all the above. Simply enough, green cleaning supplies are products that are safer for the environment and humans. When you run a professional cleaning business, it’s a good idea to consider making these products your go-to resources – or at least have them on hand for customers who request green cleaning.

Save Resources

When you purchase your cleaning products in bulk or the largest sizes, instead of packaging (and waste) for every bottle, you can refill one container from a larger size and save on resources. Using all-purpose cleaners are also resource-saving. Instead of purchasing separate products for cleaning the kitchen, the bathroom, the windows, and more, a multi-use cleaner covers them all.

Fewer Allergens

You will have clients who have allergies or are conscious of allergies in their employees, residents, or customers, and need you to avoid certain types of cleaning products. Eco-friendly cleaning products contain fewer allergens and irritants – like ammonia, sulfates, dyes, bleach, synthetic fragrances, and more – and are less likely to cause sinus or respiratory irritation.

Good for the Environment

Of course, the biggest benefit of green cleaners is that they are good for the environment, whether you’re cleaning the floor or a countertop. Many common cleaning chemicals are known to cause environmental damage. Eco-friendly cleaning products that are biodegradable and low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are better for the earth and low on fumes and residue.

Eliminate Indoor Air Pollution

Certain cleaning products contribute to indoor air pollution and can irritation the lungs of people who inhale them. Eco-friendly cleaning alternatives only contain natural substances and do not release tiny fragments or lower the quality of the air.

They Smell Better

Some cleaning products certainly let people know that an area has been disinfected, but the strong odors they give off can be offensive. Green cleaners are often odorless or have a more pleasant-smelling aroma. Natural cleaners do not contain the bothersome and foul-smelling ingredients of mainstream cleaning products and may often be scented with pleasant scents from natural sources.

Check the Labels

You know what you’re cleaning, who you’re cleaning for, and the level of disinfecting that needs to get done, so read the labels on your green cleaning products carefully to ensure that the right kind of cleaning gets done with the products you’re using. Eco-friendly cleaning supplies are different than natural supplies. Eco-friendly refers to how a cleaning supply reacts when it enters the environment or water system. Sometimes, an eco-friendly label refers only to the packaging and not the chemical inside, which is misleading.

You Can Afford Green Cleaning Supplies

Eco-friendly cleaning products suffer from a misconception that they are markedly more expensive than traditional cleaning supplies. They’re not. Most are the same price or only slightly higher in cost than the usual cleaning products. Overall, you can save money on green supplies because many of them are concentrated, which means you’re buying more cleaning product in a compact package – all you have to do is adjust how you clean so you don’t overuse your supplies.

Get Green Cleaning Supplies from MMS

If you are interested in stocking up on green cleaning supplies for your cleaning business, contact Michigan Maintenance Supply for recommendations. We have all the supplies you need, no matter your clients’ requests.

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