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June 17, 2021
2 yearsago

When it comes to hi-pressure solution hoses, the manufacturers tell us that we should only crimp the hose when it is new.

You should always use a hose that is less than one year old as a lead line or first hose closest to the wand.  It is a safety concern, remember you are working with a chemical solution at 200+ degrees and up to 1200 psi around people, pets and maybe even children.  Not to say anything about furnishings.

However, we have repaired hoses here for decades with great results.  We recommend that any repaired hose be kept outside of the home or building.  If the hose does fail again, it will likely be away from people and have less of a chance to cause any damage.  We inspect the hose before repair.  It all comes down to condition of the hose.  Age and use take a toll on hoses, not to mention abuse.  A hose that is less than four years old in good condition that was damaged might be a hose we can repair.  Even a well-cared for hose that is more than one year old should not be your lead hose.

Hoses that have been frozen should not be used or repaired as the radial cord has been stretched and the inner hose is often compromised.  And while it might not leak when first put into service, chances are good it will as soon as it gets hot.  The chance of a blowout is real.

A good maintenance tip:  add a new hose every year.  Let’s say you have four 50-foot hoses, add one new hose as your lead line and retire the last hose closest to the truck.  This way you will not have hoses over four years old and have a newer hose inside.

I hope you do not have one of the many stories I have been told.  About a solution hose blow out in a house or building that caused damage, out of pocket cost $, a lost client, a negative comment on social media and possibly even a court case.  This is more common than you might think. For about $0.25 a day, you can have peace of mind and you can work safe.  It is cheap insurance, and you will know you will have to replace them at some point anyway.  This way it is a minor expense as compared to a $400.00 bill all at once.

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