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May 10, 2021
2 yearsago

Daily truckmount maintenance is a must in all weather. When the summer heat arrives, a few additional steps are necessary to keep your equipment in top condition so it can power through the high temperatures and daily demands. It’s worth making the effort to keep your machine cool to counteract the effects of extreme heat.

1. Open Doors

Keep your side and rear doors open as far as they’ll go to allow for crossflow air ventilation through your van during every job. For safety, bungee the doors open to guard against any wind gusts that could slam them shut.

2. Check Filters

Make a habit of checking your air filters more frequently – their job is to help your truckmount engine run cooler. Keep the filters clean and well-oiled and ensure that the fluids never go down or disappear entirely.

3. Avoid Clutter

It’s a good idea to minimize any clutter around your truckmount. Ideally, you can maintain up to a foot of free space around your equipment to avoid congestion and overheating.

4. Clean Radiator Fins

Over time, debris – from dirt to leaves to insects – can get pulled into the radiator fins and negatively affect air flow. This side effect can lead to an overheated engine. Before the weather gets aggressively hot and temperatures very high, check the front of your radiator to ensure that the fins are free and clear. This cleaning should be done every summer, but more often in dusty environments.

5. Check Fuel Pump Mounting

The correct mounting of a fuel pump is vertically, with the inlet on the bottom and outlet on the top. If mounted incorrectly, the fuel pump can overheat and cause fuel to vaporize and enter the fuel like. This can ultimately cause the engine to die. It’s a good idea to mount the fuel pump as close to the fuel tap as possible.

Schedule Summer Truckmount Maintenance

You know your carpet cleaning equipment best, and you know what it needs to operate optimally. You can recognize when something isn’t working properly, and weather conditions and demand at different times of the year absolutely affect your equipment. If you’re keeping up with daily inspections and monitoring your equipment for changes, you will recognize when something isn’t right.

Ultimately, the biggest thing you need to do in the summer is keep your truckmount cool. It works hard and runs hot during every job – the last thing you want is for it to overheat and stop working in the middle of a job.

Are you ready to schedule a truckmount maintenance appointment? Do you need someone to troubleshooting a truckmount that isn’t working properly? Contact Michigan Maintenance Supply for service and parts. We’ll do our best to get your machines back to you the same day so you have as little downtime as possible.

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