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April 7, 2021
2 yearsago

Automatic scrubbers work hard to get the job done, but if your equipment has started performing poorly, you need to figure out what’s wrong immediately before the work you do ends up being sub-par. It could be that you just need routine maintenance, or you may have bigger problems. When professional cleaning is your business, it’s your job to keep your cleaning equipment operating properly at all times and seek out efficient and effective solutions when you need them.

1. Automatic Scrubber Is Not Putting Down Water

When you feel like you’re cleaning a dry floor with an automatic scrubber and your machine isn’t putting down water, there are several areas to troubleshoot first:

  • Make sure there is water in the solution tank.
  • Check for any obstructions in the tank.
  • Review water filters for buildup.
  • Make sure the pump and solenoids are getting power from the batteries.
  • Check dashboard switch and computer board for proper operation.

2. Scrubber Is Not Picking Up Water

If you have no trouble getting water onto the floor you’re cleaning but can’t seem to pick that liquid back up again, there are a host of possible reasons behind these suction problems:

  • The vacuum pickup hose has detached from the squeegee assembly.
  • There are holes or air leaks in the vacuum hose.
  • The vacuum hose is not attached to the recovery water tank.
  • The squeegee assembly is not level.
  • The squeegee is worn or torn.
  • Squeegee blades are dirty.
  • Hoses or debris trays are clogged.

3. Scrubber Is Not Cleaning the Floor Properly

Scrubbers are made to collect the dirt on floors – but that dirt goes back inside the machine and must be routinely cleaned out to maintain excellent performance. If you’re doing this daily on your own and starting from a clean slate every day but still getting streaks, stickiness, dirt, and dullness, then something else is going on. Here’s what it could be:

  • You’re using the wrong pad color and type, or the pads are worn out.
  • The pressure for the pads is set at the wrong level.
  • You’re using incorrect cleaning chemicals for the scrubber.
  • The brushes do not match the selected finish or coating.
  • Squeegees are the wrong density or have collected buildup.

Even after all of this is considered and checks out, your machine may not be at fault. The type of soil that’s on the floor and the amount of routine maintenance also impact cleaning results.

Troubleshooting Automatic Scrubber Problems

Daily auto scrubber maintenance is a necessity for all professional cleaners. While this chore may be tedious, it is absolutely necessary to keep your equipment running optimally and making your job easier. Automatic scrubbers have made cleaning faster and more efficient, combining the actions of mop, vacuum, and scrub brush all in one. They’re worth the effort you put into them.

Automatic scrubbers are cleaning machines just like any other. They can only work so hard without regular service or attention or renewal. Invest in a consistent preventive maintenance program, whether it’s monthly, quarterly, or semiannually, through Michigan Maintenance Supply so you can get the most out of your cleaning equipment and avoid unnecessary problems and downtime. Contact us to schedule a maintenance appointment.

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