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March 22, 2021
2 yearsago

After a busy day of carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning, the last thing you want to do is clean out your truckmount and other cleaning equipment. However, this step is a must for any conscientious professional. This isn’t a chore you want to tackle first thing in the morning. You want your truckmount and supplies to be at the ready for a clean, fresh start to the day. Show your customers that you’re prepared for every job and ready to deliver impeccable work by arriving with spotless equipment.

1. Check Fluid Levels

Do a quick review of your engine oil, blower oil, solution pump oil, and other fluids and top off what’s needed.

2. Lubricate

Squirt blower lubricant on your vacuum blower port for several seconds (with the recovery tank vacuum ports blocked) and let the machine run for a few minutes to allow the lubricant to spread fully and then cool off.

3. Flush

Clean the vacuum recovery tank tank by flushing it with pure water, and cleaning the vacuum tank drain, filter, and lint basket. If you have a truckmount with an auto pump-out system for wastewater, clean and rinse it too. Occasional descaling and rinsing the chemical jug will also neutralize the system and clean out residue, if this is appropriate for your particular truckmount.

4. Air Dry

If you park your vans inside, after cleaning out the recovery tank and filters and rinsing, prop the lid open to allow everything to air dry and reduce the occurrence of condensation and odors. Running deodorizer through the vacuum hoses occasionally will keep things clean and sanitary too.

5. Rinse

Rinse off all the truckmount wands and ensure that they and the brushes are free of hair and lint. These tools are easiest to clean when wet. Use a wire comb to remove debris and, at the same time, check for cracks or fraying on the hoses, wiring, and cords on rotary extractors.

6. Wipe

Wipe down your truckmount from top to bottom, including the rotary extractor wheels, to make sure that any soiling from your last job does not make its way into your first job tomorrow morning.

7. Inspect

Listen to your machine, make sure it sounds right, and that there aren’t any rogue clinks or clanks that shouldn’t happen when the machine is operating. It’s easy to miss these signs when you’re in the middle of a job, but at the end of the day when you’re focused on maintenance, you can identify trouble spots and get them addressed immediately.

8. Replenish

Make sure your chemical inventory is replenished and ready to go for the next day’s jobs.

9. Follow the Instructions

If you don’t already have an established cleaning routine – and we hope you do – refer to the truckmount manufacturer’s instructions about how to care for your equipment and for recommendations about regular professional maintenance. Keeping your equipment clean and well-maintained makes you a safer and more prepared professional, and it makes your next job easier and more productive.

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