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November 4, 2020
2 yearsago

If you are a fan of automatic scrubbers, you don’t need to be convinced of their benefits and efficiency. If you’re in the market for an upgrade, an additional scrubber, or are considering investing in one for the first time, there are some important things to know about the capabilities of automatic floor scrubbers.

1. There is a right size scrubber for every job.

Automatic scrubbers are often considered large, unwieldy machines. However, micro scrubbers are designed to work well in tight spaces like hallways, narrow doorways, and under desks and tables. If you’re cleaning compact spaces, a micro scrubber is an affordable, economical, durable investment.

2. Scrubbing and clean-up can happen in the same pass.

Walk-behind floor scrubbers are one-and-done machines that simplify and expedite the cleaning process. The cleaning solution is dispensed, the floor is scrubbed, and the dirty solution is vacuumed away. It’s a big job completed with minimal effort and at maximum speed thanks to automatic scrubbers with large tanks and broad cleaning paths.

3. It is possible to clean large spaces efficiently.

Large areas that get a lot of foot traffic like hotels, bus depots, exhibition centers, and schools benefit from an investment in a ride-on floor scrubber. The space can accommodate a bigger machine and productivity is exponentially increased by an automatic scrubber that is easy to maneuver and able to clean on a single tank of water.

4. You can treat multiple uncarpeted spaces with the same scrubber.

Uncarpeted floors require daily maintenance, especially for mid- to large-size commercial or industrial businesses. Depending on the season of the year, the scrubber may be used even more regularly to deal with whatever is tracked in on shoes because of weather conditions. Whether you are cleaning tile, linoleum, hardwood, or cement floors, there is an automatic scrubber for the job.

5. Scrubbers deliver a true clean.

Unlike mops and brooms that often just move dirt and water around without truly eliminating it, automatic scrubbers actually remove the mess, creating a true clean and a more hygienic environment.

6. Cost efficiency is a given.

Yes, an automatic scrubber is a major investment for any cleaning company or business. However, compared to the labor costs of manual cleaning, an automatic scrubber delivers true cost efficiency. The machines eliminate dirt, grease, grime, and build-up in a fraction of the time it requires one or two people to manually sweep and scrub by hand.

7. Clean without getting in the way.

Cleaning with automatic floor scrubbers is often something that’s scheduled for after-hours because of concerns about noise or interruption. But modern floor scrubbers are quiet and unobtrusive and deliver minimal interference. Cleaning can be conducted during business hours without getting in the way and without posing a safety hazard because sophisticated vacuum and squeegee systems leave floors dry in seconds.

Get an Automatic Scrubber from Michigan Maintenance Supply

Whether you’re in the market for a micro scrubber, walk-behind scrubber, or ride-on scrubber, there is a model to fit your cleaning needs in both size and capabilities. Battery operated models, large tanks, superior maneuverability, seating comfort – it’s all available in the right model.

Tackle your large and small maintenance needs with an automatic floor scrubber from Michigan Maintenance Supply. Contact us for special pricing. We can reach a great deal that fits your budget and cleaning demands, including options for financing and low monthly payments.

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