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March 8, 2020
3 yearsago

There is never a bad time to do a serious deep clean, but spring always calls for a concentrated effort. As janitorial services professionals with a wide-ranging roster of clients, you need industrial-sized and industrial-strength products to get the job done effectively, every day, no matter the surfaces or locations. Here are some of the must-have janitorial supplies for spring cleaning.

All-Purpose Cleaners

You always need that one formula that will get the job done in a pinch. Choose the right all-purpose cleaner and you can quickly remove routine soils from surfaces, including greasy residue. All-purpose cleaners can be found to suit all your cleaning demands, from fast-drying to streak-free to usable on any washable surface. All-purpose cleaners are available in gallon containers, spray bottles, foams, and even scented for diverse applications.

Green Products

You can’t offer janitorial or carpet cleaning services without environmentally friendly cleaning products in your toolbox. Most clients want the option to go green and to promote that their entire building or operation is green, all the way down to the cleaning products. From foam shampoo to free rinse, multi-surface cleaner to all-purpose cleaner, green products are available to deep clean floors, restrooms, glass, and more.

Hand Cleaners

Gloves protect hard-working hands from chemicals, grime, and germs, but spring cleaning is intense. Janitorial experts need heavy-duty, effective hand cleaners formulated to tackle oil, grease, and other difficult-to-remove soils left behind on hard-working hands. Clients will also want recommendations when it comes to hand wash dispensers and cleaners and their refills in their office or building bathrooms.

Restroom Cleaners

If you deliver janitorial services in high-traffic areas like public restrooms, your supplies cannot dwindle and they must be effective. Bathrooms require a little extra everything when it comes to cleaning, and that calls for restroom cleaners like drain and sewer cleaners, bowl cleansers, bath cleansers, urinal cleaners, and more. We live in a time when the emphasis on cleanliness and germ elimination is critical, especially in restrooms.

Floor Cleaners

Well-cleaned floors should gleam, no matter the surface, no matter the location. The right floor finish provides total protection that is durable and helps prevent damage to finishes like scuff marks, water spots, and black heel marks. Include neutral disinfectant cleaners in your toolkit, the kind that reduces janitorial labor by cleaning, disinfecting, and digesting residual organic soils all in one and works on multiple surfaces, from concrete to ceramic, marble to rubber.

Stock Up on Spring Cleaning Janitorial Supplies

Whether your janitorial services are needed in office buildings or schools, hospitals or stadiums, you can stock your janitorial supplies with the help of Michigan Maintenance Supply. Contact us today to discuss your professional cleaning needs so you’re reading for spring cleaning and every season of cleaning.

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