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February 19, 2020
4 yearsago

When you are ready to invest in an automatic floor scrubber, you want to consider all possible options so you settle on the most appropriate model for your cleaning needs. What you want to avoid is purchasing the wrong model, then being forced to adapt to the scrubber and make it work in your space, however awkwardly. Ask yourself these important questions before you buy an automatic floor scrubber.

1. Are you cleaning a busy space?

Some cleaning cannot be done at the end of the day because of the nature or hours of a business. Floor scrubbers make it possible to get cleaning done during working hours because they dispense cleaning solution and recover it with a vacuum and squeegee system to clean floors and leave them dry within seconds. Automatic floor scrubbers are efficient, so the necessary cleaning can get done with as little inconvenience as possible.

2. What type of flooring is being cleaned?

Businesses have different flooring surfaces, from bare concrete to vinyl, ceramic tile to epoxy. Whether your job is to clean a lobby or warehouse, store aisles or car dealership, schools or hospitals, the type of flooring is an important element that affects what scrubber is right for your needs.

3. What kind of dirt is being removed?

All dirt is not created equal. There are oils, fine dust, wet dirt, and dry dirt. There are messes made by people and animals and machines. Some floors require surface cleaning while others require a more concentrated deep clean. Some surfaces need to be swept, some scrubbed, some need both.

4. What size area are you cleaning?

A smaller footprint requires a smaller automatic scrubber. A larger area can handle a big machine. There are many types of scrubbers to consider based on the square footage you’re attacking, including:

  • Upright floor scrubber: A machine that cleans small, high-traffic spaces quickly and effectively and improves productivity, an upright floor scrubber can remove dirt and water instead of just moving it around like a bucket and mop, while simultaneously creating a more hygienic environment and minimizing the chances of any slip-and-fall accidents.
  • Walk-behind floor scrubber: A walk-behind battery-powered automatic scrubber puts down cleaning solution, scrubs the floor, then vacuums away the dirty solution – leaving floors clean and dry – all in one pass. Operating a sophisticated machine like this requires minimum effort and gets a big job done faster thanks to the scrubber’s size.
  • Rider floor scrubber: Ride-on floor scrubbers increase productivity tremendously, but only when you have an area that can be easily cleaned by a larger machine. Hotels, supermarkets, exhibition centers, and bus and train stations make this easy-to-maneuver machine a smart choice.

Get the Right Floor Scrubber for Your Space

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