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February 12, 2020
4 yearsago

Carpet cleaning truckmounts do a lot of hard work, especially if your business is going well and you’re constantly on the job. Good maintenance and service of your truckmount is critical to ensure that you never have unwanted downtime, and especially to ensure that your machine doesn’t break down in the middle of a job. Be proactive about having your truckmount serviced, and schedule a service call immediately if you have any truckmount engine problems.

Most Common Truckmount Engine Problems

As with any piece of equipment, problems happen, whether you like it or not. Having a reliable service center you can count on to deliver fast service is a critical piece of your business plan. Here are some of the most common truckmount engine problems:

  • Engine will not start. If the engine doesn’t turn over, there are several possible reasons: the main circuit breaker on the control panel has been tripped, the battery is loose or corroded, the battery is dead, the ignition switch or starter motor is defective, or the vacuum pump seized.
  • Engine stops running in the middle of a cleaning. Sometimes the solution is simple and you’re simply out of fuel, the waste tank is full, or the engine circuit breaker has been tripped. But there are bigger issues that could be happening, like the fuel pump is defective, the float switch inside the waste tank is defective, or the oil pressure switch on the engine has shut down because of insufficient oil pressure.
  • Oil leaking from the truckmount engine. When the engine is malfunctioning or leaking any sort of fluid, there is a deeper problem that needs to be identified and addressed with a service call.

Prioritize Truckmount Maintenance

Carpet-cleaning truckmounts are a major investment that can help your carpet-cleaning business go from small to large, efficient to downright speedy. Your livelihood now relies on that expensive, important truckmount, so it’s important to take care of it so it keeps running smoothly and keeps your business going.

Don’t ignore maintenance for your truckmount or delay a scheduled service or inspection. If you fit in a little bit of downtime for an all-important service, you won’t find yourself facing forced downtime and the job of rescheduling appointments or having to explain your failed equipment in the middle of a job.

Keep your truckmount operating at peak performance by doing the following:

  • Get recommended oil change services on the truckmount engine, blower, and high-pressure pump.
  • Undergo regular truckmount inspections.
  • Plan ahead for preventive maintenance service.
  • Schedule a service call at the first sign of trouble.

If you have truckmount engine problems, like oil leaking from your truckmount engine, the qualified service professionals at Michigan Maintenance Supply can stop it. Contact us today to schedule your service call, whether you are requesting same-day service or a future inspection.

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