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September 22, 2021
2 yearsago

Every season demands attention and, after a busy summer, it’s time for professional cleaners to prep for fall, whether you clean homes, offices, retailers, schools, restaurants, or otherwise. Ensure that all your professional cleaning equipment is in good condition, and maybe even add to your fleet to get through the autumn successfully and fulfill all your clients’ cleaning needs.

Window Washing

If there’s one thing fall does well, it changes the way the light shines in. Windows that may have seemed sparkling, or at least clean enough, are no longer satisfactory. Your clients will come knocking, wanting window washing right away to ensure that as much light as possible makes it inside during the shortest fall and winter days.

This mid-season light changes affect how everyone does business and changes the demands on professional cleaners. When there is less sun to go around and far more unfortunate weather to get in the way, windows matter a lot, and your services will be necessary. Be sure to stock up on all your window washing supplies, from gloves to squeegees to glass cleaners.

Floor Cleaning

In the fall, hard flooring is a major focus for business owners and homeowners who are concerned about keeping their premises as sanitary as possible. Shoes are bringing the outdoors in with them and we’re not talking summer weather anymore. There is rain and mud, dirt and – yikes – maybe even snow.

When is the last time you had your automatic scrubber serviced? If it’s been a while, or if it was last season, now is the time to have a thorough review of the system to make sure the machine is working properly and won’t conk out in the middle of a job.

Maybe you’ve been working hard with manual floor cleaning tools and you’re ready to work smarter and are in the market for an automatic scrubber, in which case you have some decisions to make. Ride-on or walk-behind, compact or micro, there are models for every circumstance that will help you get the job done and keep the fall influx washed thoroughly away.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets really take the brunt of fall weather. While hardwood and tile floors can have a mess easily scrubbed away, carpeting demands far more effort. Stains set in easily, especially if you are serving clients who are pet owners. Not only do they have human feet to contend with, there is all the outdoors that animals bring back inside with them.

Make sure your truckmount is in excellent working condition and ready for every carpet cleaning job that comes your way this fall, big or small. Get preventive maintenance and, if your business is booming, give thought to adding to your fleet of equipment so you can cover even more clients and grow your business.

Service Your Equipment and Stock Up on Professional Cleaning Supplies

Your professional cleaning equipment doesn’t have to change for fall, but you want to make sure it’s in good working order. Schedule a preventive maintenance appointment to avoid downtime and be effective and efficient in all your work. Reach out to us for maintenance of your truckmount, automatic scrubber, vacuum, or other equipment, and stock up on your professional cleaning supplies at the same time. Contact Michigan Maintenance Supply – we are here to get you through all seasons of the year.

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