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August 9, 2021
2 yearsago

This year, more than ever, school cleanliness is of utmost importance. More schools are opening, more children will be back in the classrooms, kids under 12 still aren’t vaccinated, and the coronavirus hasn’t gone anywhere. Cleaning classrooms, hallways, lunchrooms, bathrooms, and common-use areas is a job that is being entrusted, in many cases, to professional cleaning companies beyond even the daily school janitorial staff.

Make Your Cleaning Team Attractive to Schools

Whether your company is hired to clean a university or high school, daycare or preschool, or anything in between, two things must apply in every situation – thoroughness and quality cleaning products to ensure the best clean possible.

If you want to land more cleaning jobs in the educational sector, consider offering the following perks and options:

  • Powerful disinfectants: Germs spread easily, especially in school environments. Let clients know that you use the kind of strong professional-grade products that are designed to stem the spread of viruses and bacteria as much as possible.
  • Off-hours cleaning: It’s tough to tidy up when students are in the building. Be flexible and offer after-hours and weekend cleaning options for customers who need the work done at unusual times.
  • Green cleaning supplies: Many educational institutions are green institutions, and they want to keep it that way. Stock up on green cleaning supplies so you can offer this option to your clients should they prefer it.
  • Deep cleanings: Everyone knows some areas of a school receive more foot traffic than others, most notably the restrooms. Offer deep cleaning services for this area – and any preferred area – of a school so customers know they can feel good about the cleanliness of busy spaces.

Cleaning Tips: Itemize Your Cleaning Tasks

The schools you are hired to clean will have their own list of must-disinfect areas, but they will certainly appreciate any professional cleaning company that comes prepared. Consider implementing the following to make your services more attractive:

  • List the brand, concentration, and ingredients of the cleaning supplies you use.
  • Itemize the areas and items that will be targeted by each cleaning supply
  • Make note of all the things you will be wiping down daily, weekly, or during deep cleanings, from desks to computers, door handles to cafeteria tables, library stacks to the gymnasium floor.

In this coronavirus world, principals and administrators will be thrilled to have a detailed list of cleaning supplies and schedule, especially when asked by parents or students to provide such information. Make it clear that you put in the work on the back end and at every job so customers feel comfortable with your efforts and trust that you are committed to their safety.

Get Professional Cleaning Supplies for Schools from Michigan Maintenance Supply

Get the cleaning supplies and equipment you need to clean any educational environment you’re contacted to disinfect. Be prepared for every aspect of daily cleaning and deep cleaning by brushing up on cleaning tips and contacting Michigan Maintenance Supply to discuss your product needs.

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