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July 20, 2020
3 yearsago

Water damage restoration products are not only reserved for the burst pipes that freeze in winter. Year-round drying equipment like dehumidifiers and air movers have versatile uses in every season to minimize dampness and odors and aid in water cleanup. Professional water damage remediation companies use only the best commercial-grade equipment for thorough repair.  

Summer and Spring Remediation

You may hear from concerned customers in hot and humid months about dampness or mold concerns. Seasonal humidity and excessive rainstorms can cause flooding and water damage and even cause odors to develop and prompt mold growth. Many people attempt to address these issues using box fans, whether in residential or commercial settings, to keep an area moisture-free, but significant wetness requires a more powerful remediation.

Commercial drying equipment like specialty dehumidifiers and air movers reduce humidity in moisture-heavy air and extreme temperatures while conducting air and preventing damage from developing.

Fall and Winter Water Damage Restoration

The cold temperatures of the fall and winter months can wreak havoc on water supply lines if they are not properly closed for the season. Should pipes freeze – and then burst – the damage will be swift and significant. Water damage remediation is unavoidable, and you want to be the company that delivers successful, thorough restoration.

Powerful dehumidifiers clean affected areas efficiently to prevent the development of mold, minimize water damage, and get the space ready for any needed repairs.

The Most Reliable Dehumidifiers

Commercial-grade dehumidifiers squeeze moisture from the air in a one- or two-step air cooling process. Whether using air-to-air or heat-pipe cooling, dehumidifiers thoroughly dry out the air at low operating temps for an impressive pull of moisture from the air.

Compact dehumidifiers rethink the portable dehumidifier option, with a space-saving, tough design that delivers more drying power in a smaller footprint, leaving more room on the truck for other equipment, saving extra trips and boosting profitability.

XL dehumidifiers remove more water than any other dehumidifier while maximizing energy utilization and featuring sensors that record real-time performance data in all conditions.

The Versatility of Air Movers

Most air movers are lightweight and easy to transport and carry, no matter what size or model you invest in. Mini versions fit where large air movers don’t, like under counters or in crawl spaces, cabinets, or closets. Rugged and durable turbo dryers offer multiple speeds, positions, and high-velocity airflow and can withstand heavy use.

Whether you are looking for an air mover for carpeting, tile, hardwood, or another surface, there is a commercial option that will get the job done.

Fortify Your Water Damage Restoration Business

When an air mover is paired with a dehumidifier in a careful formation, airflow and drying will be optimal for quick remediation. Learn more about the Dri-Eaz drying equipment combo that is right for your water damage restoration work. Contact Michigan Maintenance Supply today.

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