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January 24, 2020
3 yearsago

8 Most Commonly Replaced Vacuum Cleaner Parts

When you are operating a vacuum daily, whether you’re covering small or large areas, parts break, components go bad, pieces fall off. This doesn’t mean you need a new vacuum, but you do need vacuum cleaner parts and service. Here are some of the most commonly replaced vacuum cleaner parts that need replacing to get those important machines up and running again.

1. Motor

While it may seem like the motor failing in your vacuum is an indicator that the entire machine is done for, that’s not always the case. Affordable replacement vacuum motor parts and repairs can save you from a major investment right now and extend the life of your vacuum for plenty more passes.

2. Bellow

Commercial upright vacuums push a lot of air through the bellows. This part takes a lot of heat and abuse and when it conks out or detaches, a replacement part can get you right back in working order.

3. Belt

If your vacuum is emitting the smell of burning rubber, a broken or stuck belt could be the culprit. When the belt is prevented from moving the brush roller by carpet fiber, hair, or other sundry items, checking and cleaning this area of the vacuum can be enough. If the belt is completely totaled, however, a replacement will be necessary to keep things operating.

4. Bag Slide

You can replace the bag slide itself with a convenient replacement tool, which includes the bag slide equipped with a spring for convenient and easy installation. Bag slides are typically compatible with vacuum cleaners that use a paper bag system.

5. Bottom Plate

Run over some rough terrain or debris? Rip the bottom plate off your vacuum or lose it completely? This part is easily replaced to hold all the guts in your machine.

6. Brush Strip

Brush strips are easily replaced – and they often need to be replaced. These compact little grooming systems hit the ground running and are designed for deep cleaning. Once the bristles are compromised, however, the job will never get thoroughly done, and you don’t want to jeopardize the health of your vacuum by neglecting such a simple vacuum replacement part. This is a quick and easy repair that will make your vacuum feel like new again.

7. Bag

If you’re operating a bag vacuum, and you’re running it regularly for heavy-duty cleaning, regular emptying isn’t enough. A rip, tear, or simple use can make your vacuum bag wear out, but replacement is easy and recommended often for quality cleaning efforts.

8. Power Cord

It’s unfortunate, but power cords can easily get snipped, severed, or worn out in the line of duty. Replacement is easy when you have an experienced service and parts center that offers quick repairs so you can keep your machine and minimize downtime.

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