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August 21, 2018
6 yearsago

Truckmount maintenance is as important as regular oil changes and check-ups for your truck or car. In fact, maintenance plays the biggest part in extending the life of your truckmount. If you’re trying to save money by slacking on maintenance, this is a sure way to run into pricey problems. If you’ve been taking good care of your truckmount but problems still arise, it may be time to upgrade your truckmount.

When you’re getting less-than-ideal performance from your truckmount…

…you must accept that you may never have a high-performing machine again.

There are plenty of reasons why:

  1. Too much vibration.

    One of the biggest factors that shortens the life of a truckmount is vibration. But if your machine vibrates too much, the possibility of parts being damaged or knocked out of place increases. Sturdy truckmount framing is necessary to reduce vibration and increase reliability, and you may need to start over with a new machine to get this kind of insurance.

  2. Too hot, or not hot enough.

    There needs to be a happy medium with heat in your truckmount. If there isn’t enough heat, then the unit is bypassing too much water. When the equipment is overheating, then there is not enough water being bypassed. Stuck and leaking valves require regular maintenance and can often be repaired.

  3. Poor vacuum power.

    The success of your business depends on the performance of the truckmount vacuum. Diminished vacuum power is, of course, detrimental. You want each job to be done thoroughly and completely. There are often easy identified shortcomings to a poorly performing vacuum – like a problem with the tank lid gasket or a hole in the vacuum hose. But if the quick fixes for these issues still don’t solve the problem, there may be something bigger going on.

  4. Reduced pressure.

    If pump pressure is erratic, debris-coated valves, damaged valves, broken internal springs in the regulator, a sticking regulator, or a loose pump drive belt could be responsible. Many professionals choose to troubleshoot and repair themselves, but too many DIY solutions can lead to a machine that performs poorly, permanently.

Do You Need a New Truckmount?

Most of these performance problems can be averted with regular maintenance of your truckmount. The minor downtime needed for regular servicing is far less detrimental to your business than major downtime because you have a machine that doesn’t perform properly – or that needs to be replaced.

Is it time for a new slide-in truckmount for your van? Maybe. Or you may only be overdue for an important round of maintenance.

Contact Michigan Maintenance Supply to learn more about the superior performance of our Prochem products. Our newest model, the Prochem Apex 570 uses the patented Sapphire Scientific triple-sourced thermal well system, delivering maximum, consistent heat for superior performance. Cerakote ceramic coating lowers heat radiation on all exhaust component so the truckmount lasts longer – and the interior of your van is cooler. The sleek design is a nice perk too.

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