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October 5, 2017
7 yearsago

Even when you have a dedicated roster of clients, it’s satisfying to be contacted by a new customer. One of the most important questions to ask this potential clientis: “How did you hear about us?” And a top answer to this question should always be: “I saw your van.” Your marketing budget doesn’t need to cost you a dime if you use your new van and truck mount strategically.

Boost Your Truck Mount’s Image

In the cleaning business, image is everything. You can show potential clients proof of this by traveling to and from every job with your new van and truck mount.

Think about it: A van with your company name and phone number on it is on the road a lot. People are looking at your van while you’re stopped at a red light. Potential customers see your van when it’s parked at the neighbor’s house cleaning their carpet. Your van is one of the best forms of advertising you can possible have.

You want every client to look at you in a positive light, and they’re more likely to do so when you’re sporting shiny, efficient equipment.

  • Customers will believe you can get their flooring or carpeting clean if your equipment is sparkling.
  • There isn’t any customer who says, “Nah, I’d rather have you do the job with your old equipment.” Everyone loves something new!
  • You will get paid what you are worth for your services when your image presents you as a worthy candidate among your competitors.
  • You will get more referrals from current clients if you have a clean, professional image.

Billboards may be big, they may get some attention, but they’re a flash in the pan. And they’re costly. Your van is a constant. And the affordability of a new van and truck mount is greater than ever.

Enjoy the Return on Your Investment

If you’re trying to talk yourself into a new van and truck mount, consider the pros of making such a move for the good of your business:

  • No repair bills.
  • Lower operating costs.
  • Less fuel.
  • Better-performing equipment.
  • Increased efficiency.
  • Tax savings.

In other words, you will save money by buying a new van and slide-in truck mount.You won’t be paying for the repairs and maintenance of an old vehicle. You’ll do your job better. And your business will have an excellent and constant advertising platform.

Plus, new rigs are more affordable than you might think. Ready to talk new vans and slide-in truck mounts for your carpet cleaning business? Contact Michigan Maintenance Supply in Warren, MI, to learn more about trade-ins, low-interest financing, and credit options.

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