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June 20, 2017
5 yearsago

Water damage restoration is a grueling but critical task. The damage from a flood, burst water pipe, heavy rains, or major leak creates great potential for mold and bacteria to grow and microorganisms to develop. Clean-up must be handled immediately and properly, but getting the job done thoroughly is not always easy.

Overcome Water Damage Restoration Hurdles

For companies that provide water damage restoration, there are challenges that come with every job. Some of the most common problems include:

  1. Excessive descaling. Your water damage restoration equipment may get the job done, but at what price? The deposits – the scale – build up within your dehumidifier over time. Left to fester and compound, the presence of scaling can negatively impact the performance of your equipment. Wouldn’t it just be easier to have a machine that reduces or eliminates the need for descaling at all?
  2. Not enough heat.Even under the most extreme conditions, a mobile yet rugged piece of equipment should be able to pull large amounts of moisture from the air. For fast, energy-efficient drying, you want a dehumidifier that provides extra heat. If your equipment doesn’t perform, your restoration results will suffer.
  3. High-maintenance equipment.When you are a restoration professional, the last thing you want to do is spend most of your time managing equipment set-up. If you stick with older, clunky versions of your dehumidifier of choice, it may not include the jets, pumps, valves, hoses, and quick disconnects that allow for efficient, thorough restoration.
  4. Slow results.Quick restoration does not necessarily mean good restoration. But slow restoration because of sub-par equipment also means that the damage any excess water could cause has far too much time to grow. Restoring and cleaning extremely large areas of water damage requires efficient and powerful equipment.

Whether undertaking commercial or residential work, any restoration specialist should seek out equipment that allows for a one-person operation while maintaining the capacity to handle several room-size areas at a time.

Concerning Health and Aesthetics

Restoring heavily damaged environments is an important job, and one that can ultimately be life or death. Lack of careful and complete restoration can leave mold spores and bacteria behind which can quickly and horribly compromise a person’s health.

Aesthetically and structurally speaking, water damage that is not managed can lead to further building damage. The foundation of rooms, homes, appliances and more are easily shaken by water damage. A maximum extraction, high-efficiency rotary compressor minimizes costs while getting the restoration job done well.

Water restoration is a year-round service. Contact Michigan Maintenance Supply in Warren, MI, to stock up on antimicrobial disinfectants, dehumidifiers, and emulsifiers. Be prepared for the worst damage that water can dish out during any month of the year.

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