Storage Accessories

Furniture Block Holder
Mounts conveniently on the door or van wall...
Furniture Tab Holder
Keeps furniture tabs in place, easy to get to...
Pump Up Spray Holder
Finally, no more tipping over and spilling; no more dangerous bungee cords snapping at you...
Rake Holder Double
Stores rake or groomer above and out of the way...
Shelf, Drawer
Van storage unit. Has two shelves for one gallon chemical jugs plus a tilt out tool bin...
Three-tier truckmount shelf
Upholstery Tool Holder
Steel bracket mounts on door or van wall to hold your upholstery tool. Stair tool bracket also avail..
Wand Holder
Our wand holder set protects from scratches and bouncing around while traveling, keeping your wand s..