Floor Prep Neutralizer

Brand: Spartan
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Case of 4 gallons. Specially designed to eliminate alkaline residue remaining on floors after stripping, cleaning or disinfecting. The specially selected and blended raw materials in Shineline Floor Prep were chosen for their ability to efficiently eliminate any alkaline residue left on flooring after stripping or cleaning...any stickiness remaining after disinfecting. Shineline Floor Prep leaves floors conditioned and film free...ready for application of seal and finish. No labor intensive flood rinsing is required after the stripping or neutralizing procedure. Shineline Floor Prep allows deep penetration of seal and better bonding of finish. As a result, floor finish is more durable and finish life is extended. Apply Shineline Floor Prep to concrete before applying finish. Use it to neutralize hard water deposits and dishwash detergent build-up on quarry tile. Eliminate urine salts on restroom floors. Use Shineline Floor Prep to remove extreme ice melt track-in.
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