Carpet Detergents, Restoration

All Fiber Deep Clean
Case of 4. Low-pH detergent cleans synthetic or wool carpets and affords excellent rinsing capabilit..
All Fiber Rinse
Case of 4. Use on water-cleanable upholstery or carpet. Rinses out residue and soil so much more tho..
Clean Green, 6.5 lbs
Case of 4. This uniquely designed carpet extraction detergent gives you superior cleaning on commerc..
Contempo-stat gallons
Case of 4. Low foaming, carpet sanitizer/deodorizer/cleaner for use with extraction and rotary spin ..
(48 lbs.) Dry Slurry is the leading carpet extraction detergent powder with a solvent boost to quick..
Dry Slurry, 6.5 lbs
Case of 4. Cuts through dry or greasy soils fast. Safe enough for homes; strong enough for commercia..
Heat Wave, 6.5 lbs
Case of 4. Strong cleaning power for your truckmount. The ingredients won’t separate under high heat..
Liquid Slurry
Case of 4. Highly concentrated extraction carpet cleaner—one gallon of liquid slurry can yield 640 g..
Power Burst
48 pound container. Serious power for serious soil! Ultra-concentrated for ultimate cleaning under E..