Can Liners

This liner’s extra 10” length makes it great for most office, desk, and kitchen receptacles; 24" wid..
Linear Low Buff Liner. For use in galvanized 31 gallon cans, and kitchen receptacles. 33” x 39” For ..
Linear Low Buff Liner. 36” x 58” Heavy duty. 100 count to a case, flat pack. Fit on a 44 gallon roun..
Linear Low Buff Liner. The extra wide opening makes this liner great for 55 gallon round containers:..
Industrial Tru-Mil Liner. Superior choice for fitting indoor/outdoor 56 gallon square receptacles, 4..
HD Mini-Rolls. 8 Mini-Rolls of 25 liners to a roll; 200 count to a case. 43” x 48", 16 Micron / Natu..
Case of 6...
MMS stocks over 20 different types of can liners. You will find the size, color and strength of can liner you need. And you can expect our prices to be very competitive. Our customer service people are knowledgeable and look forward to helping you select the liner that’s right for you.