Advance Terra 28B Cordless Sweeper

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Advance Terra 28B Cordless Sweeper

Industrial Walk-behind Floor Sweeper
Available for purchase is the Nilfisk Advance Model Terra 28B Walk Behind Sweeper. For sweeping inside on carpeted or hard floor areas or sweeping outside your facility, the Terra 128B walk-behind sweeper is the fastest, most reliable way to keep an area clean. The Terra 28B sweeps a 28 inch path. These sweepers are capable of cleaning up to 31,200 sq. ft. an hour.

The Terra 28B has an efficient dust control panel filter system with a manual shaker to clear the filter. The forward throw design allows the main broom to propel heavy debris so it sweeps outdoor rock and sand efficiently with less need for extra passes. Light and easy to handle with all controls conveniently located for the operator, the variable self-propulsion is actuated using a bike brake style handle. The operator handle adjusts to accommodate any height operator and will fold for storage.

The main broom contains dual rows of soft and course bristles that will pick up everything from dirt and sand, to paper and plastic pop bottles on carpet and hard floor. Maintenance is easy too: The high-speed main broom, side broom and panel dust filter are all easy to change without the use of tools. Covers and panels open to give easy access to batteries and other service areas.


• 28" sweeping path - ETL, CSA, & CE approvals.

• Battery Powered: 12 volt, 87 Ah gel battery with an onboard charger. Because it is battery powered you can use this machine anywhere and not be worried about an electrical cord.

• Perfect for schools, airports, hotels, offices, casinos, health clubs, government buildings, etc.

• Hopper size: 2.1 cubic feet (60 L).

• Low 59 dba sound level.

• One-touch easy operation & No tools broom access.

• 'All Surface All Purpose' floor cleaning system requires no change in brooms when you change floor types.

• Accessories: Various brooms are available depending on your exact situation as well as different dust filters including one that are water washable. 

• New machine warranty: Covers parts for three years and labor for two years. Dealer paid travel limited to 180 days. Tank warranty is for eight years.