• Xtreme Tire and Wheel Cleaner 5G

Tire and Wheel Cleaner penetrates, loosens and removes brake dust, road film, dirt, and grease from wheels and rims. Tire and Wheel Cleaner can be used through a CTA (chemical tire applicator) or a manual spray wand as a presoak step and can also be used as an engine degreaser in self-service bays. Recommended for use in conveyor, in-bay automatic or self-service wash systems; great for friction or touch-free. The Xtreme Triple Foam is also available in a 55 gallon bucket, contact us if you are interested.

COLOR: None/Clear
DILUTION: 0.5 - 12 oz./gal.
PH: 13.5-14.0

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Xtreme Tire and Wheel Cleaner 5G

  • Brand: Spartan
  • Product Code: 2663
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  • $73.00