• Xtreme Low pH Presoak 5G

Low pH Presoak can be used as a primary presoak or as part of a 2-part presoak process to neutralize the High pH Presoak in preparation for conditioners and polishes. Effective on mineral and scale deposits, brake dust, and other inorganic soils, Low pH Presoak can be applied through an arch or manually through a spray wand. Recommended for use in conveyor or in-bay automatic wash systems; great for friction or touch-free. The Xtreme Triple Foam is also available in a 15, 30 or 55 gallon bucket, contact us if you are interested.

DILUTION: 1 - 2 oz./gal.
PH: <1.0

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Xtreme Low pH Presoak 5G

  • Brand: Spartan
  • Product Code: 2657
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