Prochem Peak GTX

Peak GTX Truckmount
The Peak GTX includes easy-to-remove hoods along with a new blower/silencer interface makes operatio..

With the Triflow blower, Peak GTX gives you a boost in vacuum power. It also simplifies your operation and maintenance, thanks to a blower/silencer interface and easily removable hoods. And you get plenty of heat for dual wand jobs, via the heat exchange system.

  • Use a single 2.5” wand or two 2” wands depending on the job.
  • Up to 1000 PSI of heated solution for hard-surface or carpet cleaning.
  • Who wants a rusty pump? Our chemical pump is stainless steel for durability, longevity, and no corrosion.
  • Improved heat exchange system raises solution temperature while sending exhaust heat away from the console, extending the life of your components.
  • Our pulse-isolating hose reduces the "jolt" you can feel from a piston water pump.
  • Our blower/silencer interface and easily removable hoods make belt adjustments simple.

Peak GTX comes with all this

  • Quad-jet carpet wand
  • Clear indicators to quickly identify the cause of a shutdown and minimize your downtime
  • Lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum frame
  • Pressure hose - 100 feet, 1/4 inch OD
  • Vacuum hose - 100 feet, 2 inch
  • Inlet water hose - 50 feet
  • Two-year parts and labor warranty from Prochem
  • Manuals and installation kit