Fine Fabric, Upholstery, Dry Cleaning, Leather Care

Fine Fabric Cotton Detergent
Case of 4. This detergent powder with moderated bleaches is perfect for white cotton fabrics. Sup..
Fine Fabric Cotton Shampoo
Case of 4. One-step solution, specially formulated for raw and Haitian Cotton. It cleans effectively..
Fine Fabric Liquid Pro
Case of 4. This mild detergent is ideal for delicate carpets and water-cleanable fine fabrics. Gentl..
Fine Fabric Prespray
Case of 4. WoolSafe Approved, concentrated pre-spray, specially targeted for fine fabrics and woo..
Fine Fabric Rinse
Case of 4. Perfect for fine fabrics, cotton and wool. WoolSafe Approved as a rinse. Developed for..
Fine Fabric Shampoo
Case of 4. Gentle on sensitive skin, and WoolSafe Approved—safe on delicate fabrics. Low pH minim..
Leather Magic 16oz
Case of 12. ..
Upholstery Prespray
Case of 4. This concentrated blend of builders, solvents and detergents extracts surface dirt whi..